We worry, about everything and anything. Whether it’s about things happened in past or about the consequences of what we are doing in present and if we have nothing to do, we’ll just worry about our future life. Worrying consumes lots of our time and energy, it makes us mentally tired. Then why shouldn't we... Continue Reading →

How to balance ???????

  You know, Cycling is one of the toughest rides a kid learns. But do you know what is the toughest part of riding a bicycle? When a kid has to carry someone on his bicycle for the first time. Now four situations arise:- That kid falls. Now afraid of riding bicycle. That kid successfully... Continue Reading →

Happy B’day….To Me.!

Date:- Sunday, July, 30 1995   Today, is my 22nd birthday I realize that being twenty or something is not easy. You have to deal with a lot of things going around, till this age almost all of us have experienced now everything from heart breaks to love to friendship to fake friends,failures, extreme happiness,sadness,anxiety... Continue Reading →

Depression is……??

Saw this microtale today in my news feed I'm not going to explain it in a single line. Because people need to understand what depression means and what people feel when they're going through it. Depression isn’t just “being sad”. Not at all. It isn't just a feeling. Depression is… You want to know what... Continue Reading →

Social Media > Career ??

Imagine this life! Every morning you wake up in middle of a jungle between so many trees. You can’t even feel the sun rays.Each tree persuades you to come towards it. Ohh my god! The facebook feed tree! I need to attend it. Ohh my god! The Whatsapp messages tree! I need to attend it. Ohh my god! The Instagram... Continue Reading →

The Dark Room..!

That dark room filled with failures, heart break, pain, fear, loneliness,struggle, despair, rejection, agony, jealousy and tears. Everybody is scared of that dark room. No one wants to be in that dark room. But, you know that’s going to happen, later or sooner. Bitter truth! But, most beautiful part lies in the fact that once you have been through that dark room… Failures will motivate you. Pain will change you. Scar of heart... Continue Reading →

Life@ A Great Novel.!!

  Everyone has a story, and this story is usually called as "Life”. Life is a blank novel provided with a pen to everyone of us and where we are writing continuously, non stop but eventually one day comes when we stop writing!! Some people write a thick one or some write their novel with... Continue Reading →


The lonely man finds himself surrounded by others with whom he cannot establish contact or to whose hostility he is exposed." This quote by Hannah Arendt sums it up beautifully! Loneliness is more than a state of emotion. It is a perpetual war with yourself. You try to wrech yourself apart to sherds. You ask... Continue Reading →

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