People always leave.!!

Instead of fighting out the situation and saving the friendship or relationship, they decide to say goodbye. This is the worst feeling I have come across, lately. And it has taught me a lifetime of lessons. You never really know when somebody would leave you. They might fight with you the next second and leave... Continue Reading →

A Jobless…!!!

  Stay happy when you're jobless Always remember, you're jobless Not worthless. So make this your strength. Never curse yourself Have patience and trust In your abilities. It hurts when people judge us Never be embarrassed Struggles makes us stronger. Be optimistic about life You're never alone. Rejection makes us better. Don't get depressed when... Continue Reading →

I Dream’ My Dream..!

"Every day of my life is a page of my History. Every step that I take is a step to my glorious destiny and so I dream my Dream. It's not where I am but where I'm going that matters. My future has nothing to do with my past or present. The hard times I've... Continue Reading →


People are just like flowers Some are loved, some are judged Some are cared, some are forgotten Some are known, some are not But again Just like flowers We are all born beautiful In our own ways But not everyone sees that And like a wilted flower Some will fade, some will die Beacause some... Continue Reading →

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