Yeh Zindagi…….!!!!!!

  Shikwe toh bahut hain, tujhse ai zindagi. Par tune diya bhi itna hai, jo bahuto ko naseeb nahi hota! (I have so many complains, from you oh life. But you have blessed me so much that most of the people are not fortunate enough to have).- ( Source:- Unknown) You are a graduate, think... Continue Reading →

Life@ A Great Novel.!!

  Everyone has a story, and this story is usually called as "Life”. Life is a blank novel provided with a pen to everyone of us and where we are writing continuously, non stop but eventually one day comes when we stop writing!! Some people write a thick one or some write their novel with... Continue Reading →

Humor: Do I have Presence of Mind?

Let me ask you a question. How many months have 28 days? February, that’s correct? No, all tweleve months have 28days. Another question, What is half of 2+2? Two, BIG NO! apply BODMAS, answer is three. One more? Name three characters that changes a girl into a woman? Any guess, its AGE. Ah, now don’t... Continue Reading →


The lonely man finds himself surrounded by others with whom he cannot establish contact or to whose hostility he is exposed." This quote by Hannah Arendt sums it up beautifully! Loneliness is more than a state of emotion. It is a perpetual war with yourself. You try to wrech yourself apart to sherds. You ask... Continue Reading →

A Chocolate Box..

The deep water was staring at me. I was sitting with legs half wet in the water. Heart was heavy and a bunch of thoughts was busy creating chaos in my mind. “ Soon, it will come to an end. I fear, everything will be changed. It will be no more just me all around.... Continue Reading →

People always leave.!!

Instead of fighting out the situation and saving the friendship or relationship, they decide to say goodbye. This is the worst feeling I have come across, lately. And it has taught me a lifetime of lessons. You never really know when somebody would leave you. They might fight with you the next second and leave... Continue Reading →

How Can I be Me,Myself ????

First, you need to make some things really clear in your head. By repeating them again and again till it resonates in your mind. Nobody really cares. Trust me, nobody gives two fucks about what you’re upto, except your closest people. People want to see you do good in life, but never better than them.... Continue Reading →

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